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The emerald has long been considered one of the most beautiful and most valuable of all gemstones. A rare variety of the mineral beryl, the lovely emerald gets its clear, deep green color from its chromium content. With an emerald ring on your hand, you are sure to make admirers green with envy.

Those with birthdays in May might wear an emerald ring. The emerald is also the traditional gemstone for the astrological signs of Taurus, Cancer, and sometimes Gemini. In some cultures, an emerald would be the traditional gift for your 55th wedding anniversary. It is also used as a 20th and 35th wedding anniversary stone.

The Gachala Emerald is one of the largest gem emeralds in the world, at 858 carats. This particular stone was found in Columbia in 1967, where the first emeralds originated from, and can be seen at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

Records show that emeralds could be found in markets in Babylon as early as 4000 BC. And according to the Bible, God gave instructions to mount twelve gemstones on the breastplate of the high priest of the Jews, each to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. One of these was an emerald. If you're considering the purchase of an emerald ring, you should know that it's important to pay attention to the four C's, just as you would with a diamond: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. With a diamond ring you might be most concerned with clarity, whereas with an emerald ring your primary focus will be color. Carat for carat, a fine emerald ring may be two to three times as valuable as a diamond ring.

Emeralds are one of the most included precious stones. Natural inclusions that you see in the emerald gemstone are sometimes called "gardens", because the inclusions are what give the emerald its vibrant green color. Because they are so highly included, 80-95% of the emerald must be cut away in order to make a quality gemstone for an emerald ring. The weight loss is one of the main reasons emeralds are so expensive. Chatham Created Emeralds have the same inclusions.

Our created emeralds are cultured just as many pearls are. Natural components are placed in an environment created to duplicate nature's. Once the required combination of chemical and environmental factors is created, the crystals grow over the course of a year, the length of time depending on the type of stone. As a result, created diamond and colored stones are crystallized with identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to those found in nature. And you have a high quality created emerald ring that is beautiful.

Not only will it be beautiful, but your Chatham Created Emerald will cost significantly less. Some may call this having your cake and eating it too. Price differences between Chatham created and natural gemstones of like quality are notable, sometimes as much as $100,000 per carat as in the case of colored diamonds. Go ahead, indulge yourself.
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