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Pink is happiness, romance, icing on a cake, a fragrant bouquet of lightly colored roses, bubble gum, the blushing of a young woman's cheeks. Pink is youth, freedom, femininity, hope, and love. Imagine wearing hope on your hand as a pink sapphire ring.

The color pink actually affects us physically and mentally. Wearing a pink sapphire ring can give you more energy, increase your heartbeat and pulse rate, and boost your confidence. People who believe in the power of pink have painted prison cells pink to reduce erratic behavior. Need a little pink in your life?

Pink corundum with trace amounts of other elements is called a pink sapphire. Once the color enters the red spectrum though, the stone is considered a ruby. Pink sapphires deepen in color as their quantity of chromium increases. The deeper the pink color the higher their monetary value as long as the color is moving towards the red of rubies. With shades ranging from pale pink to deep pink, the pink sapphire is hot, hot, hot.

Pink sapphires are an affordable alternative to pink diamonds. In recent years, many celebrities have been spotted wearing pink diamonds, which of course resulted in sales skyrocketing. But not everyone can afford a pink diamond ring, and the pink sapphire ring is a lovely option. Since light pink sapphires are the closest in color to fancy pink diamonds, light pink sapphires have now become quite hard to find.

Second to diamonds in hardness, sapphires are a beautiful and appropriate gemstone for all types of jewelry. Wedding rings, engagement rings, dress rings, and everyday rings can all be beautifully adorned with this lovely gem of the earth.

Sapphires come mainly from Africa, Australia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United States, but they are also found in Brazil, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Sri Lanka is a known source of fancy colored sapphires. Pink sapphires over one carat are extremely rare and expensive, and even lesser carats are very difficult to come by.

We at Chatham have helped nature create the rare and exquisite pink sapphire for your pink sapphire ring, and at a much more affordable price than the market could offer. How can we do this?

"Chatham does not make gemstones, we control environments in which crystals grow naturally."

Duplicating nature's environment, a pink sapphire crystal is grown over time with identical physical, chemical and optical properties to those found in nature. We strive to produce the best quality stone for you.

Not only will it be stunning, but your Chatham Created Pink Sapphire ring will cost significantly less. Price differences between Chatham created and natural gemstones of like quality are notable. You are sure to be captivated by the beauty and femininity of the pink sapphire, both inside and out. Thank you for considering the purchase of a magnificent Chatham Created Pink Sapphire piece. We know you will be tickled pink with your new created pink sapphire.
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