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Rubies are precious gemstones made of corundum. Corundum comes in many colors, but when it's red, it is always a ruby. The most desirable rubies are deep red, sometimes called pigeon's blood. The blood-red ruby has been desired throughout history. Some believe it possesses special healing and strengthening powers, while others wear their ruby ring to make a statement about who they are. What will your created ruby ring reveal about you?

Since ruby is the birthstone of July, your created ruby ring might indicate that you were born in the heat of the summer, offspring to parents who liked to cuddle in the colder months. And since red indicates heat, it is only fitting that their closeness would produce a little ruby. Since the ruby is very hard, the created ruby ring on your finger might tell that you are carefree, not wanting your desire to be beautiful to interfere with your active participation in life. Next to diamonds, rubies are the hardest gems. This makes them a great choice for all types of jewelry without the worry of damage.

If you are wearing a ruby for your engagement ring, one might assume that you are a passionate lover. The color red can mean love, fire, heat, and passion.

Perhaps you place value in the history behind the ruby. The ruby is rumored to bring devotion, happiness, and integrity to its wearer. Some say it can also inspire giving and fatten your pocketbook. You might feel safer when you wear a ruby. Legend has it that the ruby is protective of home, worldly goods, children, and also offers psychic protection. Some say it will improve one's success in disputes, encouraging gentleness and discouraging violence. There is belief in its power to heal on many different levels, including treatment of fevers and certain heart disorders. And the value of a virtuous wife, according to Proverbs 31:10, is "far above rubies."

One thing is for sure. Your created ruby ring will exclaim that you have expensive taste. The most outstanding rubies have fewer flaws and greater clarity, but with these characteristics, prices increase. Larger, unflawed rubies are harder to obtain, and therefore much more expensive than smaller unflawed gems. In 2006, an 8-carat ruby sold for almost four million dollars. That's about $500,000 per carat.

Fortunately, we at Chatham have helped nature create a beautiful and expensive stone for you with exceptional color and clarity, at a much more affordable price than the market could offer. How can we do this?

Duplicating nature's environment, a Chatham created ruby is grown over time with identical physical, chemical and optical properties to those found in nature. We strive to produce the best quality stones.
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