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Fall Fashion Trends 2018

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Fall Fashion Trends 2018

As we near the end of summer, it’s time to start thinking about Fall Fashion trends. Based on New York Fall Fashion Week 2018, designers offered up deconstructed classics. Bold colors, layers, prints and patterns, combined with street style sensibility, flooded the runways.

Want to pair your Chatham Jewelry with the popular looks this fall season? Read on for the latest tips and trends.

Color Connoisseur

When it comes to color gemstone jewelry, Chatham’s opportunities are boundless. Warm, rich colors like ruby red, rusty pink, purple plum, and some surprisingly cool colors like navy blue and green-winged teal were at the forefront of NYFW's lineup.

A single color worn on it’s own makes a statement and always has a place in fashion. Sometimes it’s all you need to make an outfit pop. But this season, interesting color combinations made their way onto the platform.

Pink + Red

One such color combination was pink and red. If there was ever a daring look, this is it. Since pink is a white-diluted version of red, this look works more than you might think.


Pictured above: Pendant CP4188WRU, Earrings CE4141WRU, Ring CR13108WRU

When it comes to gemstones, Pink Sapphire and Ruby come from the same mineral group called Corundum. The difference is the amount of chromium content Ruby has over Pink Sapphire. Chromium is the coloring agent that makes Ruby appear richer and deeper in color.  

A fun way of mixing these hues is by combining Chatham gemstones. A Chatham Ruby pendant coupled with a pair of Chatham Pink Sapphire earrings will make for a strong, self-assured look. Or accessorize a pink outfit with a fabulous Chatham Ruby piece.

Purple + Teal

Purple and green are complementary colors. That means they are on opposite ends of the color wheel. Ironically, opposing colors create contrast and harmony simultaneously. Just like our favorite gemstone, Alexandrite!


Pictured above: Pendant CP4153WAL, Earrings CE4197WAL, Ring CR11751WAL

Alexandrite has a unique talent – it transforms from a reddish purple in daylight to a bluish teal in incandescent lighting. This color-change makes it the ideal gemstone to accentuate any outfit.

Layers Galore

When the cooler weather approaches, one naturally begins to layer garments. This is a great time to try layering jewelry. Similar to stacking rings or bracelets, stacking necklaces and pendants can make a subtle, yet trendy statement.

Our favorite look at Chatham is combining something simple with a Jewelry design of sentimental value: try one of our Bar necklaces and wear it with an Initial pendant hung from a longer chain.

Pictured above: Bar Necklace CPN0025WBS, Initial Pendant 'M' CP4643WDIA

Tie it all together by wearing our ultimate symbol of femininity – the all lab-grown diamond bow matching set. Beautifully designed and crafted, it evokes romance, whimsy and ethereal style.

Pictured above: Necklace FDNK1271RW, Earrings FDE4502W, Ring FDR13945RW

Prints + Patterns

As with color, most shy away from prints and patterns for fear of not knowing how to wear them. Push the boundaries and wear what makes you feel beautiful.

We think that sticking to the classics is the way to go: herringbone, plaid, houndstooth, stripes and polka dots. When you combine the right accessories, you end up with a complete outfit.

Pictured above: Bar Necklace CPN0021WRU, Ring CR13123WRU

Houndstooth and polka dots are usually done in black & white. Combined with a dramatic color, like Ruby or Padparadscha, you’ve created a finished look.

Likewise, if you’re going for subtlety, try toning it down with a cooler color like Chatham’s Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire or one of Chatham’s Lab-Grown Diamond Fashion pieces.

Pictured above: Pendant CP4172WBS, Earrings CE4126WBS, Ring CR11770WBS

Black & White Never Goes Out of Style

Whoever said you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day, clearly didn’t own the right pieces. Strict fashion rules are a thing of the past.

Pictured above: Necklace FDP4797W, Earrings FDE4501W, Ring FDR14073W

Chatham’s white lab-grown diamond necklaces strung by black German silk are perfect 365 days of the year. Designed in 5 different silhouettes, these necklaces have personality and pizazz.

Our Lab-Grown Diamond Fashion line has a variety of styles to choose from in 14K gold. The high polished white gold pieces make for a dramatic look up against any dark garment. This is a classic combination that is here to stay.

For more fashion tips on how to combine the contents of your jewelry box with what you currently own in your closet, check back with us to learn more about fashion trends from Chatham.

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