Chatham Gems Customer Support

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Chatham has compiled a list of your most commonly asked questions. Take a peek and you might find what you’re looking for.


How can I order loose lab-grown gemstones and/or diamonds?

The loose gemstone division at Chatham is exclusively wholesale. Please refer to our Store Locator for an authorized retailer in your area.

Please remember to either select Loose Color Stones for lab-grown colored gemstones and Certified Diamonds for loose lab-grown diamonds.

If you have trouble finding someone near you, please contact us 800-222-2002 / sales@chatham.com and we will assist you.


Do you sell rough crystals?

Chatham only sells cut and faceted lab-grown gemstones and diamonds. We do not offer rough material for sale. Our brand name is important to us and we take pride in delivering a finished product that adheres to our strict quality standards.


Why don’t retailers listed on the Store Locator carry Chatham gemstones when I contact them?

Loose Lab-Grown Colored Stones:
In the case of lab-grown colored gemstones, retailers typically do not keep stock on hand. The authorized retailers listed on our website have a wholesale account us. They order stones as needed. If the size and shape you require is a stock item, we can ship stones for viewing purposes that same day.

Loose Lab-Grown Diamonds:
For loose lab-grown diamonds, Chatham Certified Diamond Dealers listed on the website will carry a minimum of 3 lab-grown diamonds at all times. If they do not have the size, shape or quality you need, we can send them a lab-grown diamond for you to view.


My Chatham gemstone chipped. What do I do?

If your Chatham lab-grown colored gemstone breaks or chips under ordinary circumstances, you are advised to return the damaged stone, along with a sales receipt, to the store where the purchase was made. Your Chatham retailer will expedite the item to Chatham for immediate servicing at no charge. If a replacement is needed, consideration will be taken to honor the original size and weight of the stone.

For all wear and tear re-polishing, applicable fees may apply.


Does Chatham provide a grading report or certification for loose lab-grown gemstone purchases?

Chatham Research Laboratories issue Grading Reports and Certificates for loose lab-grown diamonds only. In the case of loose lab-grown colored gemstones, we provide Lifetime Warranty Cards on request. Please note, these cards are not customized.


Does Chatham provide lifetime warranty for all of its products?

Chatham extends its Lifetime Warranty promise to all lab-grown colored gemstones. Lab-grown diamonds are excluded.

Jewelry Manufacturers Warranty is covered up to a year since the purchase date.


Is it true that lab-grown gemstones always look exactly the same?

While it is true that consistency in color is better controlled in a laboratory, slight variations may occur. This is due to several factors: the duration of the growth, the orientation of the rough when cut, and color zoning. That is why Chatham cuts away about 80% of the rough to deliver uniformity and pure clarity.


What is an estimated weight? Why do I receive a gemstone with a different weight than when I was quoted?

Each Chatham gemstone is individually hand cut. Although we make every effort to cut per exact proportions and dimensions, slight variations in weight may occur.


Does Chatham custom cut lab-grown gemstones and diamonds? How does this process work?

Chatham will cut any size and shape within reason. This is considered a Special Order and will not qualify as a return. In order to custom cut a stone, please be prepared to send us a diagram or illustration of the desired shape. Please include length, width and depth. There is no such thing as being too detailed!


I’m interested in learning more about the science behind Chatham’s growth methods. Where can I find information about lab-grown diamonds and gemstones?

Please visit our Lab-Grown Diamond Guide or Lab-Grown Gemstone Guide for gemological information about growth and Chatham’s processes.

If you still have questions, we’d love to hear from you sales@chatham.com


When do I receive a Certificate of Authenticity?

Chatham provides a Certificate of Authenticity for all jewelry purchases.

Online Orders:
For orders placed through Chatham’s online store, the Certificate will be shipped to you with your jewelry purchase.

Store Bought:
If you place an order through one of our Branded Retail Partners, you will receive the Certificate of Authenticity within 4 weeks of your initial purchase.


I need my Chatham piece of jewelry repaired. What do I do?

Online Orders:
If you ordered your Chatham piece of jewelry with us, please contact us sales@chatham.com / 800-222-2002 for a Return Authorization Number. This number needs to be placed on the outside of the package for delivery.

Please contact us for our address sales@chatham.com

Once we receive your jewelry, we will evaluate the damage and contact you with our recommendation. Manufacturers warranty is covered for one year.

Store Bought:
If you purchased a Chatham piece of jewelry through one of our Branded Retail Partners, please return to the store with the item and the Certificate of Authenticity. They will expedite the damaged jewelry to us for immediate servicing. Shortly thereafter, you will be notified of our recommendation. Manufacturers warranty is covered for one year.


Do pendants come with chains?

A select group of bar pendants from the Bar Collection come with chains. All other pendants do not come with chains. If you are interested in adding a chain to your order, please send us an inquiry sales@chatham.com and we will accommodate your request.

We do offer 14K White or Yellow Gold 16-in chains for purchase for an additional $200.


Does Chatham offer custom made jewelry?

Yes, in addition to making slight modifications on existing designs, Chatham also offers custom made jewelry. These designs are considered a Special Order and cannot be returned for credit or refund.


Can I place an order for out-of-stock items? How long is the lead-time?

Yes, you can still place an order for an out-of-stock product. Lead-time is typically 6-8 weeks. If you are in a time crunch, please let us know and we will try our best to expedite the item.


When will I receive my online order?

In stock:
For all in-stock items, we typically ship within one week of receiving an order.

Out of Stock:
If the item is out of stock, delivery times may vary. Typically, it takes between 6 - 8 weeks for production.


Can I cancel or adjust my online order?

Yes, you may cancel or adjust your order if we have not yet shipped. If this is a custom order, we will not accept cancelations once production has begun. Adjustments to custom orders will only be accommodated if we have not yet reached that phase of the production process.

If you would like to make cancellations or adjustments to your order, please let us know immediately sales@chatham.com / 800-222-2002


Can I use a credit card if I live outside of the US?

We do not accept credit card payments for any international orders with the exception of Canada. All orders abroad must be prepaid via bank wire.

Bank Wire instructions will be provided upon request.


How do I order an item in a different gemstone/metal color?

To place an order for an item with a different gemstone or metal color, please contact us sales@chatham.com / 800-222-2002.

We will send you a quote (if different from the original) and provide you with an invoice via e-mail. You will be able to make payment through a secure link using your credit card.


Why does the lab-grown colored gemstone I received appear different than the one on the website product image?

Different screens display variations in color, brightness and resolution. Photographs are not the ideal way to visually evaluate a colored gemstone. That is why we recommend visiting a retailer over purchasing online. We believe personal interaction with a gemstone is key. However, since we do not have brand representation in every city, we make it possible for you to order Chatham jewelry.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly take it back in the same condition it was shipped, within 30 days of purchase.


How do I return an item?

Chatham will accept returns for all qualified purchases within 30-days of order. To return your item, please contact us sales@chatham.com / 800-222-2002 for a Return Authorization Number. This number needs to be displayed on the outside of the package for delivery.

Please contact us for our address.

Once we receive the returned item, we will issue a credit in the same method you placed your order. Please allow 8-10 days for full processing of your refund.


Can I buy directly from Chatham without going through a retailer?

All items listed on the website are available for purchase with the exception of lab-grown diamonds.

Loose lab-grown diamonds and gemstones are exclusively wholesale. Please visit a retailer near you to find a Chatham authorized Certified Diamond Dealer or Loose Color Retailer.



How do I create a wholesale account?

If you are a jeweler and would like to order loose lab-grown gemstones and diamonds, please send us proof of business ownership:

• JBT Number
• Copy of your business license or similar government issued document
• Full company address
• Company telephone number

Send it to sales@chatham.com and someone will contact you shortly thereafter with your new account details.


Is there a minimum order quantity for loose lab-grown gemstones?

No, there is no minimum order requirement for Chatham lab-grown colored gemstones.

If you participate in the Diamond Dealer program, you must carry a minimum of 3 one-carat diamonds or larger at all times. If you sell one, please call the office to restock or you may lose program privileges.


I am a student/gemologist. How can I place an order for lab-grown specimens?

Chatham has limited quantity available of fine quality lab-grown emeralds and rubies from our earlier production. This quality may be used for study and gemological purposes as they contain identifying internal characteristics typical of growing in a laboratory. However, selection is limited in size and shape.

Please contact us for special pricing sales@chatham.com / 800-222-2002


How do I create a retail login?

If you have an existing account with us, we can set you up with access to the retail backend of our website. All we need from you is your preferred email address.

You will receive an email that will prompt you to create a password and activate your account. Access is limited to one person per location.


How can I make a payment towards an invoice?

The Payment link can be found on the homepage footer under Customer Service. Once you click on it, please follow the prompts to make payment using your credit card.

Please use your Customer ID number for identification purposes and enter in either the Invoice Number you are making a payment towards or in the case of Special Orders, the Sales Order Number.


I’m an independent retailer and am interested in the Chatham jewelry program. How can I learn more?

Great question! There are several ways to learn more about our program.

We highly encourage setting an appointment at one of our annual trade shows. You can view our Show Calendar on the retail backend of our website (login required). This is the ideal way to interact with our jewelry selection and to walk through our sales presentation.

If you do not make it to shows, we can walk you through the presentation over the phone. Simply call us and ask to speak to one of our Sales experts sales@chatham.com / 800-222-2002.


Still have unanswered questions? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you!