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Morganite Gems

One of the loveliest pastel gems, morganite is a light peachy pink beryl, a gem cousin to aquamarine and emerald. Named in 1910 by Tiffany & Co gemologist George Kunz in honor of billionaire J.P. Morgan, morganite has a rich brilliance and beauty. Chatham lab-grown morganite has exceptional color and clarity.

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Morganite is your gem because...

Your favorite color is pink

You look at life through rose-colored glasses

It looks gorgeous against your skin

You are a gem enthusiast

You are a romantic

You have a sweet tooth

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Chatham Lab-Grown Morganites

Chatham makes the beauty of this gem much more available with lab-grown morganites that have the sought-after color of the best mined gems. Growing morganite crystals takes about nine months. We create the perfect environment so the pink crystals grow large and saturated in color. When we cut the crystals, we cut away about 80% of the rough to give you faceted morganites that have excellent color, clarity, and brilliance.

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Beryl, like aquamarine and emerald

Recognizable by its lovely

pinkish champagne color

Particularly beautiful set in rose gold

Flattering to almost every skin tone

The gem of relaxation and health

Mined in Brazil and Madagascar

Colored by traces of manganese

About Morganites

Just peachy, the color of morganite is what attracts most collectors to this exotic gem. Its soft pastel blush tone is so flattering against the skin. Its pink champagne color looks especially lovely set in rose gold. This feminine gem is a variety of beryl, the gem family that also includes emerald and aquamarine.

When a large deposit of top quality rosy beryl was found in Madagascar in 1910, Tiffany gemologist George Kunz named it after the financier J.P. Morgan. Morgan was one of the world’s most important gem collectors, buying many of the gems that now form the collection of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. (Which, not surprisingly, now include some spectacular morganites.)

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