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Alexandrite Cuff

Emerald by day. Ruby by night. Alexandrites are a rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl that changes color from bluish-green in daylight to purplish-red in incandescent light. Chatham is thrilled to make this rare gem available for people who have always wanted one at a more affordable price over mined.

Style Number:
14K Yellow Gold
Diamond Total Weight:
1.23 ctw
Gemstone Dimensions:
11x10 mm / 8.5x8 mm / 7.5x7 mm
Chatham Created Alexandrite
Gemstone Carat Weight Low:
7.90 cts
Gemstone Carat Weight High:
11.88 cts
Cost Price:
Jewelry Type:
Millennium Collection
*Retail price applies to the mounting only. For center stone options and pricing, please call for details.
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The Eternal Flame Story

“Express your love to her with a ring that tells a story. A story about two flames that come together to become one. The Eternal Flame Collection was designed with her in mind. Each flame on either side represents your shared commitment for one another. Select a stone from our six gemstone varieties that expresses your unique connection and we will set your ring with a stone that was harvested at the same time as your love began.
As you embark on your journey together, may your love remain strong and passionate, just like an eternal flame.”

Diamond With its undeniable allure, diamonds have long been synonymous with love. As the hardest mineral on Earth, this gem represents the unbreakable bond that ties two people together. To present her a diamond, you are expressing your everlasting commitment to her.

Ruby Rubies symbolize passion and romance. Slip a ruby ring on her finger and you are declaring your profound desire for her affection. Keep the flame alive with this fiery expression of your love.

Sapphire The deep, rich blue in Sapphire promotes truth and honesty. This magnificent stone represents your loyal commitment to her, forever strengthening your bond. Sapphires cool blue inspires hope paving the way for true happiness.

Emerald As the color of growth and fertility, Emeralds symbolize balance in both life and love. Emeralds represent the roots of your bond that will forever flourish allowing for change and transformation essential to love’s growth.

Alexandrite Emerald by day, Ruby by night. Alexandrite’s unique ability to transform its color represents adventure and willingness for change. Present her an Alexandrite and show her your eagerness for the future together.

Pink Sapphire Pink Sapphire is the stone of purity and hope. With its high spiritual energy, Pink Sapphire inspires new beginnings. Show her your caring nature by bestowing upon her a stone that encompasses tenderness and affection.