Diamond Fashion Cuff - FDC1219RW


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Description & Details

Style Number: FDC1219RW
Metal: 14K Rose & White Gold Diamond Cuffs
Gemstone: Round Chatham Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamond Total Weight: .59 ctw
Stone: Chatham Lab-Grown Diamonds
Collection: Diamond Fashion Collection

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All Chatham Created Gemstones are held to the highest standards before leaving the lab.

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Lab-Grown Diamond

Lab grown Chatham Diamond is one of the most coveted gemstones we grow. Made from a single element, carbon, diamond is also the hardest mineral on earth, earning its title of The Unconquerable from the Greek word Adamas. Admired for its brilliance and vibrant fire, diamond’s natural beauty is undeniable. Chatham grows colorless diamonds up to around 6 carats. 

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