Live In Color

Step into a world of color with Chatham lab-grown gemstones.

Vivid reds, lush greens and magnificent blues.

Original Architects of the Gem Growing Industry

 Over 80 years ago, Carroll Chatham introduced the world to laboratory grown emeralds. By duplicating the conditions deep within the earth, his laboratory succeeded in growing the finest gems over the course of a year’s time. A discovery so unique, it remains a carefully guarded corporate secret to this day. Chatham is now recognized worldwide as the industry leader in luxury laboratory grown gemstones and diamond jewelry. 

Spring Fashion

Spring is in the air, and so is love! Rival the spring blossoms with Chatham lab grown color and diamond fashion jewelry. Fresh and classic designs take the modern woman from everyday elegance to her big moment, whether it’s down the aisle or downtown. Whatever the occasion, make a statement that keeps the world green one lab grown gem and one planted tree at a time.

New Book On Sale Now

Introducing "The Chatham Legacy: An American Story,” by Thomas H. Chatham. Discover the captivating multi-generational true story of the original architect of lab grown gems and the world’s leading lab grown gems company. Travel back to the early years of the 20th century and enjoy a revolutionary tale of how a boy’s love of chemistry became a family’s legacy.

Color Fashion Collection

Bold styles combined with soft and feminine shapes to express her individuality. Original designer cuts that only Chatham lab grown gemstones can offer adding unique distinction.

Diamond Fashion Collection

A refined and polished collection featuring all high-quality Chatham lab grown diamonds. Every design masterfully crafted with great attention to detail and finish.

Timeless Collection

Capture a moment in time with Chatham’s Timeless Collection. Let her know that from the moment you met her, time stood still.

Our Promises To You

Sustainable Gemstones

We’ve Never Mined A Single Diamond From African Soil But We’re Still Helping

Our partnership is dedicated to saving the African Elephant population and helping the children who live near them.

For Every Chatham Jewelry Product Sold To The Consumer, We Vow To Plant A Tree

In 2020 Chatham partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation.

Hundreds of Locations Across The US & Canada