Blue Sapphire Earrings


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Price if Mined: $31,020.00

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Shipping & Insurance: $25.00

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Description & Details

Style Number: CE4946WBS
Metal: 18K White Gold Earrings
Gemstone: 18x3.5mm Baguette Chatham Lab Grown Blue Sapphire
Lab-Grown Diamond Total Weight: 0.42 ctw
Stone: Chatham Lab Grown Blue Sapphire
Carat Weight: 4.75 cts
Cost Price: 31020
Collection: Legacy Collection

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Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire

Lab grown Chatham Blue Sapphire is the gem of truth and loyalty, which makes this gemstone a perfect choice. The rich velvety blue of twilight, sapphire is a peaceful color you’ll never get tired of seeing. Chatham’s lab grown blue sapphires have a silky blue color and pure clarity seen in only the best of mined gems. 

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