Emerald & Diamond Necklace


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Price if Mined: $39,945.00

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Shipping & Insurance: $25.00

Description & Details

Style Number: CN1469WEM
Metal: 18K White Gold Necklace
Gemstone: 8x6mm Emerald Cut Chatham Lab Grown Emerald
Lab-Grown Diamond Total Weight: 22.41 ctw
Stone: Chatham Lab Grown Emerald
Carat Weight: 1.38 cts
Cost Price: 39945
Collection: Legacy Collection

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All Chatham Created Gemstones are held to the highest standards before leaving the lab.

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Lab-Grown Emerald

Lab grown Chatham Emerald has the finest color and clarity seen only in the very best of mined gems. Gaze into a fine emerald and you see paradise in its lush green. The gems of goddesses, emeralds have long been a popular choice among icons. After perfecting the process for over 80 years, Chatham’s lab grown emeralds are green, clean and gorgeous.

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