Diamond & Ruby Necklace


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Price if Mined: $44,490.00

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Shipping & Insurance: $25.00

Description & Details

Style Number: CN1470WRU
Metal: 18K White Gold Necklace
Gemstone: 18x3mm Baguette Chatham Lab Grown Ruby
Lab-Grown Diamond Total Weight: 13.45 ctw
Stone: Chatham Lab Grown Ruby
Carat Weight: 1.78 cts
Cost Price: 44490
Collection: Legacy Collection

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All Chatham Created Gemstones are held to the highest standards before leaving the lab.

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Lab-Grown Ruby

For most of recorded history, rubies have been the most valuable gems. Rubies are very rare: it’s almost impossible to mine flawless rubies and many mined rubies are enhanced with heat and fracture filling to improve their appearance. Our lab Grown Chatham rubies have an almost pigeon’s blood color and exceptional clarity worthy of this gem’s ancient name, King of Gems.

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