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Blue Sapphire Gems

The gem of truth, faithfulness, and the soul, sapphires are a perfect choice for engagement rings. The world’s most famous engagement ring is a sapphire: the 12-carat blue sapphire ring worn by Kate Middleton, an heirloom from Princess Diana. Chatham’s lab-grown blue sapphires have a velvety blue color and pure clarity seen in only the best mined gems.

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Blue Sapphire is your gem because...

You love blue

You are born in September

You are loyal and honest

You have beautiful blue eyes

Your style icon is Kate Middleton

Your anniversary is in September

Your child’s birthday is in September

It’s your 5th or 45th

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Chatham Lab-Grown Sapphires

Blue sapphire is the most difficult gem crystal that Chatham grows. Color in sapphire often follows the crystal structure in color zones. Even the best sapphire crystal has different shades of blue in it. That’s why Chatham lab-grown sapphires come in three lovely shades of blue, not just one.

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The ultimate blue gem

The September birthstone

The 5th and 45th anniversary gem

Mined in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Burma, and Montana

A symbol of the soul

A variety of corundum, just like ruby

The Zodiac Gem for Taurus

About Sapphires

Sapphires are the gems of fidelity, honesty, and truth. Sapphires are the reason we say “true blue” and brides wear “something blue.” Today, “something blue” is often the engagement ring. This gem of fidelity is a perfect choice to symbolize a promise. Sapphire became even more popular after Princess Diana and Kate Middleton both received the same lovely blue sapphire engagement ring.

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