Why Consumers Choose Chatham

In Their Own Words

What does it feel like to wear Chatham? These consumers from across the country were kind enough to drop us a line to let us know how they feel about their jewelry. We’d love to hear from you too! Send us an email to share your story.


Customer For Life

I love my Chatham necklace. Not only is the design absolutely beautiful, but the value is unsurpassed. You’ve got a customer for life! – Susan L., OH


Engaged In Sapphire

My boyfriend and I originally planned to go ‘engagement ring window shopping’ just to see what was out there. All I really knew was that I wanted a sapphire engagement ring, more intricate than a solitaire but not over the top. When we finally made it to a local retailer I had wanted to go to, most of what we saw seemed like things we had seen before. We were explaining to the woman behind the counter that we were planning on purchasing a lab-created sapphire to bring it to be set in a ring when she stated, “Oh, you want a Chatham Sapphire.” She went to another counter and returned with the most gorgeous ring, and I fell in love. It was beautiful, affordable, and truly unique with its Onion cut design (which we had never seen before). My boyfriend sent me out of the store to make the purchase, and the rest is history. – Catherine H., MD


Blue Diamond AND A Vacation!

I purchased a blue diamond Chatham ring for my wife. She was absolutely thrilled. I’ll never forget the look on her face. The quality is phenomenal but the best part is that I could still afford the vacation we took when I gave it to her. Thanks! – John F., FL


Modern Emerald For Her Birthday

My girlfriend wanted something special for her birthday, and a friend told me about Chatham created gemstones. My local retailer sold me a beautiful emerald pendant with a modern design. She loves the pendant, I love the price, and we both love the unsurpassed quality. – Nathaniel W., NY


Telling All My Friends

When my husband first told me about Chatham I was skeptical. However, after learning more about the process I decided to check them out. Once I saw Chatham jewelry in-person I knew that I’ll never purchase a mined stone again. I’m telling all my friends about your beautiful gemstones. – Sharon V., CA


As Blue As The Ocean

I love, love, LOVE Chatham. I got my first real Chatham ring today for my graduation present for graduating high school. It’s a blue sapphire the color of the Hope Diamond from the Titanic movie in a teardrop shape with diamonds surrounding it. I love it and have already gotten a ton of compliments on it. My mom said that it looks like it should be an engagement ring and I am already planning to possibly make it into my future wedding ring or possibly my daughter’s engagement ring. (40 years from now. No kids for me for another 8 years at least. LOL.) I love my ring and always will and it has more sentimental value to me than the price. (which we all know is crazy high but oh so worth it.) – Taylor S., OH


Decades Of Beauty

I purchased a 3 carat green emerald cut solitaire ring in 1988 and it was absolutely beautiful. I have received so many compliments on my ring. Today, my ring is as beautiful as the day I bought it. – Linda C., TX