Sun-Kissed Style:

Elegant Summer Fashion

Heat up your wardrobe with the hottest summer fashion jewelry trends. Chatham lab-grown gemstone and diamond jewelry brings bright color and elegant sparkle into your summer style. When it comes to summer accessories, don’t sweat it with the everyday elegance of Chatham luxury lab-grown jewelry.

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Red Hot Summer Fashion with Ruby Jewelry

Rubies burn with undying flames like the heat of the summer sun. This July birthstone matches your favorite lipstick and adds classic red to your summer cookout outfit. Not to mention, it’s the perfect something red for your July 4th celebrations. Elevate your fashion game with lab-grown ruby wrapped in lab-grown diamonds and 14K white or yellow gold.

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Dive into Summer Style with Aqua Blue Spinel Jewelry

Nothing goes better with summer than cool waters and blue skies. Capture the best parts of summer with the refreshing and calming beauty of lab-grown aqua blue spinel. See this gem glittering like the sun on the sea, surrounded by lab-grown diamonds and 14K white or rose gold.

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Our Promises To You

Lifetime Warranty

We want everyone who purchases a Chatham lab grown gemstone to know our guarantee and the quality we stand behind.

Never Mined

With our planet and neighbors in mind, Chatham strictly follows ethical and responsible growth.

Pure Brilliance

Combining advanced technology with impeccable design to ensure the highest quality gemstones and jewelry.

Sustainable Gemstones

We’ve Never Mined A Single Diamond From African Soil But We’re Still Helping

Our partnership is dedicated to saving the African Elephant population and helping the children who live near them.

For Every Chatham Jewelry Product Sold To The Consumer, We Vow To Plant A Tree

In 2020 Chatham partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation.

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