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Ruby Gems

Gems of passion, rubies burn with undying flames. For most of recorded history, rubies have been the most valuable gems. Chatham’s lab-grown rubies have a pigeon’s blood color and a clarity seen in only the very best mined gems.

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Ruby is your gem because...

You love red

You are born in July

You are bold and dramatic

Your anniversary is in July

Your child’s birthday is in July

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Chatham Lab-Grown Rubies

Chatham grows ruby crystals in a six-month process that we’ve refined over decades. We start with a naturally mined seed of fine Burmese ruby. We create the perfect environment rich in chromium to give our crystals a vivid red color. The conditions have to be precisely right: We once lost an entire year’s growth of ruby due to a 0.001% trace of another element in the platinum we use to make our crucibles.

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The ultimate red gem

The July birthstone

The 15th and 40th anniversary gem

The gem of courage and passion

Mined in Burma, Mozambique,

Tanzania, Vietnam, and Thailand

A symbol of desire

A variety of corundum, just like sapphire

The Zodiac Gem for Capricorn

About Rubies

Rubies are the gems of intense emotion, worn by queens and warriors. They are gems of passion, fire and power. Throughout most of history, rubies have been the most valuable gems. In Sanskrit, ruby is ratnaraj, “King of Gems.” In the Bible, wisdom and virtue are said to have a price “above rubies.”

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