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Yellow Sapphire Gems

Golden sapphires are drops of sunshine on gray days. This fancy sapphire color is the symbol of optimism and confidence. Popular as a yellow diamond alternative in engagement rings too, Chatham’s lab-grown yellow sapphires have the warm and radiant color and brilliant clarity seen in only the best of mined gems.

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Yellow Sapphire is your gem because...

Your favorite color is yellow

You are born in September

You are a blonde

You have a sunny personality

Your anniversary is in September

Your child’s birthday is in September

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Chatham Lab-Grown Yellow Sapphires

Chatham makes the beauty of yellow sapphire much more available with lab-grown yellow sapphires that has the sought-after color of the very best of mined gems. Growing yellow sapphire crystals takes about six months. We start with a seed of fine Sri Lankan yellow sapphire. We create the perfect environment so the yellow crystals grow large and clean. When we cut the crystals, we cut away about 80% of the rough to give you faceted yellow sapphires with a bright yellow color, exceptional clarity, and sparkling brilliance.

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Sapphire in a buttery glowing yellow

The September birthstone

The 5th and 45th anniversary gem

The gem of optimism and confidence

Mined in Sri Lanka and Madagascar

A symbol of the soul

A beautiful alternative to canary diamonds

About Yellow Sapphires

The warm glow of gold meets the brilliance of sapphire. Did you know the world’s favorite blue gemstone comes in yellow too? A lovely alternative to pricey canary diamonds in engagement rings, yellow sapphire is becoming more popular today as more women discover its golden shades.

Sapphires are the gems of fidelity, honesty, and truth. Yellow sapphire is a symbol of optimism and confidence.

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