While you were falling in love, Chatham was growing a diamond just for you.

Lab-Grown Diamond Search

Chatham’s lab-grown diamonds are just as pure and brilliant as your future together. Only Chatham offers you a diamond that grew while your love for each other was growing, so you can mark this special moment in your life forever.  Each lab-grown diamond comes with a Certificate of Authenticity & Grading Report that includes your diamond’s Growth Year. And because all of our gorgeous Chatham diamonds are grown in a laboratory, they are never mined, so the earth stays beautiful too.

Browse from our extensive lab-grown diamond inventory and we’ll refer you to one of our authorized Chatham Diamond Dealers. Feel free to give us a call at 800-222-2002 and we will help find a dealer near you!








Lab-Grown Diamond Results

shape carat color clarity cut Certificate # love
Pear Shape 0.53 I VS2 Very Good 800163 view
Pear Shape 1.19 G VVS2 Very Good 800164 view
Pear Shape 0.59 F VS1 Good 800165 view
Pear Shape 0.72 F VS2 Very Good 800166 view
Pear Shape 0.62 I SI1 Very Good 800167 view
Pear Shape 0.55 G VVS2 Very Good 800168 view
Pear Shape 0.91 H VVS2 Very Good 800169 view
Pear Shape 0.95 F SI1 Very Good 800170 view
Pear Shape 0.52 F VVS2 Very Good 800172 view
Pear Shape 0.65 G I1 Very Good 800173 view
Pear Shape 0.66 G VS1 Very Good 800174 view
Cushion 1.11 F VVS1 Very Good 800175 view
Marquise 0.63 G IF Very Good 800179 view
Emerald 1.09 G VVS1 Very Good 800180 view
Emerald 1.49 F SI1 Very Good 800181 view
Round 0.61 G SI1 Excellent 800183 view
Oval 0.72 G VS1 Very Good 800185 view
Oval 0.91 F VVS2 Very Good 800186 view
Pear Shape 0.64 F VS2 Very Good 800190 view
Pear Shape 0.64 E SI1 Very Good 800191 view
Pear Shape 0.69 F SI1 Very Good 800192 view
Pear Shape 0.80 F VS2 Very Good 800194 view
Pear Shape 0.50 H VS2 Very Good 800195 view
Pear Shape 0.52 I VS2 Very Good 800196 view
Pear Shape 0.56 H VVS2 Very Good 800197 view